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Muffin Data is the analytics platform for emerging brands, focused on ease of use, clear answers, and customization.

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Purpose-built for CPG operators

No matter your role or use case, the Muffin Data Platform generates value and new insights, while automating data workflows and saving your time.

Explore Muffin Data for...

Measure promo success

Automatically detect the lifts in your promotions without ever opening a spreadsheet

Build beautiful viz

Our chart building tool helps you create the most beautiful charts for your next buyer pitch deck

Track sales and velocity

Watch your products' velocities across all accounts to take action on low performers and plan around top sellers

"Muffin Data’s seamless sales and velocity visualizations have revolutionized how we understand our in-market performance — empowering us to tailor and optimize media plans and promotions with speed and precision."

AJ Casella
Director, Lifecycle and Digital Marketing

Detect out-of-stocks

Drill into OOS events at location level and benchmark prevalence by account

Inform your forecast

Use sales and distribution data to demand plan and generate sales forecasts

Monitor inventory levels

Keep an eye on unit counts at every major DC so your team can prevent voids downstream

"Muffin Data enables us to operate more effectively as a business. Having access to timely, reliable sales data is essential to building and maintaining our forecast, which in turn allows us to make critical production and purchasing decisions."

Nick C.
VP, Business Operations

"Muffin Data elegantly solves so many of the pain points around wholesale data, from consumption to demand. The out-of-the-box dashboards give us insights that would otherwise take us months to build, and the 'create your own' feature allows us to dive even deeper."

Tesia Zhou
Director, Strategy and Finance

Track the entire business

Gain a holistic view into sales, velocity, and distribution for all large retailers and distributors

Save dozens of hours per week

Transform your team’s productivity by eliminating time spent on manual portal pulls, Excel model refreshes, and more

Monitor the competition

See how your brand's sales and market share match up against competitors in your category

"The reliability and timeliness of the data that Muffin Data delivers exceeds expectations, and the standardization of item and account hierarchies powers trustworthy retail insights in a historically opaque and error-prone part of the business. The Muffin Data team consistently impresses us with their industry knowledge and technical capabilities."

Chris B.
VP, Insights & Analytics

"Using Muffin Data to automate pulling data from our partners has been a game changer. In the past, we needed to have an employee manually pull dozens of files weekly, and in some cases daily. Now, we've freed up that bandwidth and get those same datasets clean, quick, and accurate."

Jim Roddy
Sr. Director, Data and Insights

Fully featured

We've built the Muffin Data Platform to be the single most advanced analytics tool for the CPG industry.

your forecasts
Our baselining algorithm automatically detects incremental volume, so you can measure organic demand, see promo lift, and prepare unbiased forecasts
Drill into store activity
Dive deeper than ever into sales on the ground. The Muffin Data Platform performs product and location standardization so you can track activity at the store level
Monitor DCs with ease
Dive into DC-level inventory counts and shipment fill rates to ensure operational excellence
Build any report you want
Need a chart we didn't think of? Customization is a first-class feature, so you can build reports and collaborate with your team at will

How it works

The Muffin Data Platform automatically syncs your brand's data from your retailers and distributors, and serves up insights in an analytics layer.  And you don't have to lift a finger.

Raw Data Capture

Automatic retrieval of POS sales, shipments and inventory data from a variety of integrations

Transformation and Modeling

Standardization into a normalized data warehouse, custom-built for your brand

Analytics and Reporting

Standard analytics out of the box, with the ability to customize, drill down, and export

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