We're building for emerging brands

After years of building data teams at fast-growing brands, we set out to build the tool CPG operators deserve.

Our story

We started Muffin Data in 2022, out of an ambition that emerging brands deserve a better way to take action on the data they generate. Consumption, demand, inventory: no matter how you slice it, it takes work to turn weekly sales into a forecast, or retailer portal pulls into something usable.

We've been there too, and we think there's a better way.

Our founder Andrés spent ten years building data teams for food and beverage brands after transitioning over from tech, and the experience made him realize a wide range of problems in CPG that can be solved with cleaner data and analytics. Those problems disproportionately impact the up-and-coming brands - who need insights, but are strapped for time and resources.

We're building Muffin Data to put the power of analytics in the hands of the emerging CPG companies, and we'd love to connect with you.

Our team

We're a small crew of East Coasters in Santa Cruz, California with deep experience in CPG and tech.

Andres head shot.
Andrés Recalde

Former cross-country cyclist and ultra-runner, current founder. I enjoy all things CPG, and strive to improve our industry for the brands that make it all possible.

Sal head shot.
Sal Calvo

Amateur winemaker, bad marathoner, Formerly worked on product growth at Meta and all things data at RJMetrics.

Mike head shot.
Mike Toth

Former software developer at Yahoo and PagerDuty. I enjoy building systems, preferably in Elixir, designing board games, and backpacking Big Sur.

Muffin head shot.
Fearless Leader

Meow, meow. Avid birdwatcher. Former Philly street cat, current lazy house cat.

Join us

We're looking for talented and hungry people who believe in our mission of enabling insights for CPG brands. If that sounds like you, get in touch.

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We love working with modern brands who are ready to level up their data stack. If that sounds like you, let's chat.

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