Connect Muffin Data to Drivepoint

Starting today, Drivepoint customers can use Muffin Data to unlock wholesale analytics directly in the SmartModel™ platform.

Wholesale forecasting made easy

The Drivepoint Wholesale Add-On, powered by Muffin Data Platform, helps users automatically integrate retailer and distributor inputs to their SmartModel™.

Forecast without friction

Seamlessly connect your wholesale data to Drivepoint's Strategic Finance Platform

View and export core reports

Compare plans to actuals in your Wholesale Variance Report

Update data with one click

Refresh wholesale data in your Drivepoint SmartModel™ automatically

Basic access to Platform

Drivepoint customers signing up for the Wholesale Add-On automatically receive a starter dashboard in the Muffin Data Platform


The Wholesale Add-On, powered by Muffin Data, is available for all Drivepoint customers on supported integrations. Contact your rep below to find out more.

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